Saha Pathana Inter Holding Co., Ltd and Kewpie Corporations of Japan made an 

agreement for co-production of mayonnaise.


Registration of the company as Thai QP Co., Ltd as a limited joint venture between 

Saha Group and Kewpie Corporations, Japan. The company produced distilled vinegar 

and mayonnaise at that factory and office located in Yannawa, Bangkok


Signed a sublease contract with S & J. international Enterprise Company Limited and 

moved the factory to Ban Pong District.


Moved office from Sathupradit to 612 Ratchadapisek Road, Bukkalo, Thonburi, Bangkok.


Established the company as  an official joint venture between Saha Group and 

Kewpie Corporations, Japan by acquisition of ‘Happy Mansion Co., Ltd’ 

(formerly known as Better Home Foods Co., Ltd). The factory was located 

to Ratchaburi. Products of the company included various seasonings and 

dry spray vegetable extract as well.


Registered name change from Aeksavaros Co., Ltd. to Kewpie (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


We have closed Thai QP Co., Ltd. due to the completion of the sublease 

agreement. Construction. The entire staff from moved from Banpong together at 

Kewpie (Thailand) Co., Ltd. To Muang Ratchaburi District.

At present, Kewpie  (Thailand) Co., Ltd. produces a range of condiments and processed foods.

Office   : 900/20 IT Professional Tower 24th Floor. Rama 3 Rd. Bangpongpang. Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 Thailand

Factory     :  55 M 6 Tumbol Lumdin,Ampur Muang,Ratchaburi 70000 Thailand